WICCAP Court Access (Wisconsin Circuit Court Records) – Criminal Data Check – Find Criminal, Arrest, & Court Records Online

WICCAP Court Access (Wisconsin Circuit Court Records) – Criminal Data Check – Find Criminal, Arrest, & Court Records Online

Gain Access to Wisconsin Circuit Court Records

If you’re from Wisconsin you may know what CCAP stands for.  For those that do not know what this means it stands for the Consolidated Court Automation Program.  It basically is the IT branch of the Wisconsin courts.  The wiccap court access is related to Wisconsin’s court system and court records.  They are in charge of the software updates, and managing of the court’s caseload. 

Why is this important to so many? Because it handles the public access website of the CCAP, and the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access that provides the public with a way to view court records.

How to use the wiccap court access website

The below website will provide access to open public records within Wisconsin circuit courts. The information that you will gain access to will be an exact copy of the case information that was entered into the wiccap court access management system by the court staff. To be more precise the staff in the counties where the particular case file was located would be inputted by that particular case file.

Try a public records search below. It is fast, accurate, and will help you uncover the truth about almost anyone.

Data available on the WCAA has limitations

Case data and information is uploaded on an hourly basis unless mainteance is performed. The WCCA program may be down every night for maintenance between 3 a.m. to 4 a.m. Central time

Counties began using the circuit case management system at different times so covered cases might show less information in regards to backloading old cases.

Some records are confidential in nature. adoptions, child protection, juvenile delinquency, terminations of parental rights, guardianship, and civil commitments. Records that are not open to public view are not displayed on the WCCA.

Lien docket and official judgments are located within the clerk of circuit court for that county. Keep in mind that the WCAA is not the official judgment or lien docket. But it does accurately reflect information entered from the circuit court case management system.

How to search from the case search lookup page

WICCAPP Court Access

Users can search a complete name or by an accessing record from a business name, county or case number in the search fields. If you do not know a complete name you can add 3 or more letters of the name followed by an asterisk sign like so. JOH


Once you search and find a match it will take you to the case search results page. Each results will have a case number, filling date, county name, case status, name of person, date of birth if available, and caption.

Advanced Searching

Users can also select the advanced search fields that will allow for many more search options. Users can search by case types, filing dates, class codes, disposition dates, citation numbers, issuing agency, offense date and more.

Wisconsin Court Case Calendar Search

Court calendar Search

Users can also search the court calendar by date range and also by the court official.  A searcher will have the option to also check off for traffic only.  Once a target is hit it opens up to the court calendar that shows more information on that particular case. 

Users will find a date and time, case number, caption, activity, and the court location.  Clicking on the case number will give more information on that particular case.

There is also a law enforcement calendar.  The search features work the same way and anyone can search by county, issuing agency, date range and if it will be traffic only.

The wiccap court access tools are powerful for finding records

The tools provided by the wiccap court access software are powerful tools that will help anyone find court records in Wisconsin. Using the tool to search is easy and updated. The above should help anyone looking to find court records and gain access into Wisconsin court data.

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