How to Trace Unknown Callers & Unlisted Phone Numbers  |

How to Trace Unknown Callers & Unlisted Phone Numbers |

Today, it is hard to remember a time when we used to blindly pick up a telephone any time it rang, having no idea who was on the other end. We are so accustomed to knowing who is calling or at least where the call is coming from that many of us do not answer personal calls from unknown numbers.  

It is more difficult to let calls go to voicemail when they could be business leads, but it is also not worth wasting time if the call is likely trying to sell you an extended car warranty or some other scam. When someone calls from a blocked, masked, or unknown number and “No Caller ID” pops up on the screen, it is tempting to ignore it. But what if you need to know who called?  

Knowing how to trace phone numbers from an unknown caller can help, and there are methods that are more effective than Googling their phone number to get any available information and determining if they need a call back.

Using Call Return and Call Trace to ID Unknown Callers

If you received a call and need to know the caller’s identity, the classic way to find out is by using call return and reconnecting with the caller. To use this service, supported by many landlines, VoIP services, and cell phones, you just need to dial followed by 69. This returns the latest call, allowing you to speak with the caller and view the number on your telephone if it was previously hidden.

There is also another option to trace phone numbers. It is meant to help victims of harassment and other crimes. It is important to document illegal activity, as it provides official documentation of the call. Follow these steps if you need to trace a call: