Best Online Background Check Companies | 2021

Best Online Background Check Companies | 2021

In need of a background checker?

Look no further! We’ve listed the best online background check companies to help you find anyone at any time.

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Best Online Background Check Sites

peoplewhiz - background check

  • 100% anonymous searches

  • Unlimited searches with membership

  • 24/7 customer service

Although a relatively new site, PeopleWhiz prides itself on its A rating on BBB and the 67+ billion public records. If you’re not satisfied with the service, you can cancel it fast and hassle-free.

Intelius - Bacground Check

  • 100% anonymous searches

  • 20 billion public records

  • Affordable memberships

Intelius is a reliable people search website that holds an A rating from BBB. Together with the standard checks, their search reports also include the person’s educational history. If you’re interested, you can also get all of this information on the go, as their website is mobile-friendly.

beenverified - background check

  • Unlimited searches with membership

  • Data-accurate information

  • Refunds available

With over 7,000,000 downloads so far, BeenVerified is one of the most trusted background checkers out there. It’s also 100% mobile-friendly, compatible with both Android and Apple Watch users. If you opt for one of their two memberships, you’ll get free PDF and report monitoring.

checkmate - background check

  • Easy to navigate

  • Social media search

  • Responsive customer service

With over 70,000 5 Star reviews and 1,400,000+ searches, Instant Checkmate is one of the BEST background check services. If you want to give the service a try, they also offer a 5–day trial for $1.

peoplefinders - background check-1

  • 43+ billion records

  • Mobile-friendly

  • Affordable price

With its 6,000+ data sources, PeopleFinders is one of the country’s largest owners of public records. Along with its essential features, it also comes with a free mobile app.

infotracer - background check

  • 2 billion records

  • Deep Web search

  • Up-to-date contact information

With over 1 billion satisfied customers, InfoTracer is a 100% transparent company. It comes with 3,500 federal, state, and municipal sources that can be accessed in less than a minute. If you want to give the service a try, they also have a $3.99 7-day unlimited pass.

Truthfinder - Background Check Company

  • Up-to-date contact information

  • Customizable reports

  • Mobile-friendly

TruthFinder is a background check service that goes above and beyond normal background checking. Apart from searching through public records, arrest records, address, and contact history, it also searches the Deep Web for info normal search engines can’t track.

Background Check Sites Reviews

Essential Features
  • Detailed background report
  • Reverse phone lookups
  • Sex offender database
  • Options for search parameters

Additional Features
  • Social media and online profile checks
  • Up-to-date contact information
  • Address history

TruthFinder was founded in March 2015. It’s a trusted company and known as the best online background check site in the US. Its primary services include a background check, people search, and Deep Web scan. 

It gives users access to millions of public records and social network data to generate various reports, such as location history, arrest, traffic, online profile report, and more. 

It’s a company with an A+ rating on BBB. 

People Search

Want to reconnect with an old friend? Use the people search directory for free.

Background Search

Going on a date with someone you met online? By running a background check, you can confirm if this person is telling the truth about their name, address, and more.

Free Dark Web Scan and Monitoring

Did you purchase something online using your credit card? Cybercriminals might already be selling your card info on the Dark Web. Use the Dark Web scan to find out more.

Public Records

Need information about a case? Get it immediately by running a public record search to view arrest history, address, and more.

Easy to Use

Smoothly run a background check by entering some basic info on the search bar.

Mobile Applications

Get access to accurate data on social media accounts, police records, and contact information at your fingertips by downloading the app.


  • 1-month membership – $30/month (unlimited reports)
  • 3-month membership – $26/month (unlimited reports)
  • Phone number lookup plan – $2 (unlimited phone number searches)

Background Check & Identity Protection

TruthFinder uses an approved SSL certification and 128-bit encryption to ensure that every piece of information submitted through the site is secure and safe.

According to its policy, it never saves information on the system, but instead through its PCI-certified partners.

TruthFinder has a dedicated member care team to assist users with site and account issues.

Customer care can be reached at toll-free number (800) 699-8081 or via email at [email protected] from Monday to Friday, between 10 AM and 10 PM EST.

Strengths and Weaknesses | The Verdict

TruthFinder is a reliable company that provides up-to-date reports. That’s why it’s deemed one of the best value background check companies online in the US.

It has various search parameters, useful features, and allows users to do unlimited background checks via its membership plans.

The main downside of this service is that the monthly membership is imperativeyou can’t run a background check if you’re not a member.

Essential Features
  • Up-to-date background check reports
  • Affordable subscriptions
  • Easy to use

Additional Features
  • Identity protection
  • Access to education history

The Intelius review count on ConsumerAffairs has reached almost 2.5 million. This figure says a great deal about its reputation as a background check site.

It’s been operating for 17 years. It gives users access to public documents to view address history, criminal records, phone numbers, and more. Its reports include educational history, which other background check sites seldom have.

Background Check Reports

How do you know if your virtual friends aren’t lying? Run a full-on background check on them to confirm.

Reverse Phone Lookup

Getting lewd messages from strangers? You can track them and get their name, address, phone carrier, and more by using this feature.

Reverse Address Lookup

Buying a new house? Use the address to find out if there were sex offenders in the area or if it’s safe for you and your family.

People Search

Need to update your address book? Complete the missing contact information using the people search feature.

Criminal Record

How well do you know the people your kids spend time with? You can always run a quick record search with the best online criminal background check service to find out.

Affordable Plans

Intelius has affordable subscription plans. Users can get a detailed report without burning their cash.


  • 7-day trial – $7.95
  • Premier membership – $19.95/month (unlimited searches)
  • Premier plus – $29.95/month (unlimited searches + one background check per month)

Background Check & Identity Protection

Intelius guarantees that all searches are confidential. The people you search for won’t know you run a background check on them.

The site also has physical and electronic safeguards in place. This enables Intelius to store and maintain sensitive information in a secure environment.

Highly confidential information, such as credit card number, is encrypted.

Intelius has responsive customer support, and in case you experience any sort of issue, you can call the customer hotline using the toll-free number (888) 245-1655 from 7 AM – 5 PM PST, Monday to Friday.

You can also reach them through email using [email protected].

Strengths and Weaknesses | The Verdict

Intelius has been in the business for 17 long years, earning a spot as one of the best online background check websites. Not only does it have an A rating on BBB, but the Online Trust Alliance has also granted it an Honor Roll status.

It’s a trustworthy site, and it continually updates its platform to return better and more comprehensive results. One thing that can be improved is the transparency about its costs. There is limited data about the pricing on the website.

Essential Features
  • Seven products for one price
  • Vehicle lookup
  • Customer service focused
  • Money-back guarantee

Additional Features
  • Informative site
  • Mobile apps (including Apple Watch)
  • Court runner service for offline data

What makes this site unique is that it offers an 7-in-1 service to users. It’s been mentioned repeatedly in several BeenVerified reviews.

For one standard price, users can perform seven different searchesperson, phone, vehicle, address, social media, email, and unclaimed money.

All of these represent enormous advantages for those who do various background checks regularly.

Reverse Phone

Is your spouse getting late calls from an unknown number? Use the reverse phone indexes to track down the caller.

Address Lookup

Before picking up an item from an online seller’s home, run an address lookup to ensure you’re not compromising your safety.

Email Lookup

Let’s face it! Not all emails in your inbox come from trusted sources. Do a quick email search to find out if you’re dealing with a legitimate person.

Vehicle Lookup

Buying a used car? Get information about accident reports, safety recalls and more using the vehicle identification number (VIN).

Unclaimed Money

You might have unclaimed money lying somewhere. Use this search feature to locate back wages, tax refunds, or any unclaimed property.


There’s no option for a Been Verified free trial. However, you can try the service for a dollar.

  • 5–day trial – $1
  • 1–month membership – $26.89 (unlimited reports)
  • 3–month membership – $52.44 (unlimited reports)

Background Check & Identity Protection

When it comes to the security of user data, BeenVerified assures everyone that information submitted upon registration isn’t sold to third-party providers of public record data nor used as part of its search results.

The company does its best to protect the information it has collected both online and offline.

Besides the email address used to provide members with information related to the account, product, and general updates, sensitive information is handled using encryption.

Users with questions or issues are encouraged to contact customer support by calling 1-888-579-5910 from 6 AM to 11: 30 PM EST every day.

Other options to contact customer support include email ([email protected]) or using the ‘Contact Us’ form.

Strengths and Weaknesses | The Verdict

Since BeenVerified was founded 13 years ago and has become one of the most trusted and best online background check companies. It’s affordable, reliable, and has several features.

Again, if you run background checks regularly, BeenVerified offers the most enticing pricing package. It allows you to use eight features while paying for only one membership plan. Simply put, you get access to all sorts of information in one place and at one price.

Its main downside is the limitation on how information can be used. Despite this, it’s a good site overall.

Essential Features
  • Affordable subscriptions
  • Social media background check
  • Education history

Additional Features
  • Reverse phone lookup
  • Mobile app
  • Clear disclaimers

If you’re looking for the best places to get online background check services cheap  you might be happy to know that you can start with Instant Checkmate services for only $1.

For the next five days, you get access to unlimited reports and multiple databases, enough for you to get social media, civil, criminal, and other information about someone.

People Search

Planning a reunion with your former college buddies? Use the people search tool to find their contact information, social media accounts, and addresses.

Criminal Records Database

Suspicious neighbors? It won’t hurt if you run a background check on them. A peek at the criminal records database can help confirm your suspicions.

Inmate Search

Need to find a person in jail? The inmate search can give you the information in minutes.

Arrest Records

Want to know if your favorite actor was ever convicted? Get the information in a single report by searching through the arrest records.

Sex Offender Database

How safe is your neighborhood for your child? You’ll know for sure once you search through the sex offender database.


  • 5–day trial – $1
  • Monthly membership – $34.78 (unlimited background checks)
  • Quarterly membership – $27.82/month (unlimited background checks)
  • Phone lookup – $4.99

Background Check & Identity Protection

Like other best online background check services, Instant Checkmate also gets information from public records.

Instant Checkmate gives high priority to the privacy of users.

This includes never alerting people when users search about them. The site takes security measures to protect their users’ information by using a 128-bit encrypted connection and a verified Norton protection.

For questions or inquiries, users can direct their concerns to Instant Checkmate’s member care team, which is available through phone at 1-800-222-8985 from 8 AM to 1 AM EST, Monday to Sunday.

Another option is contacting the company through email: [email protected].

Strengths and Weaknesses | The Verdict

We’ve read countless Instant Checkmate reviews, and it made it clear that the site is legit and reliable. Its ability to provide an extensive report in a single search is very convenient.

It also has an easy-to-use portal, multiple search options, has a mobile app for running instant background checks anytime, and most of all, its $1 trial plan is a great deal if you want to try the service first before upgrading to premium plans.

It doesn’t offer an option to purchase individual reports, which is a bit of a disadvantage. Nevertheless, the 5-day trial for a dollar will certainly suffice if you want to check its services.

Essential Features
  • Easy to use site
  • Cost-effective
  • High-level of accuracy on report

Additional Features
  • Advanced search parameters
  • Affordable 3-day trial
  • Easy cancelation process

If you ever search for PeopleFinders review, you’ll find millions on ConsumerAffairs. It’s not surprising given that the company has been in the public records business for more than 20 years.

It’s one of the sites that own the most extensive public records data in the US today, with documents that span as far back as 40 or more years. It provides deep search, background check, criminal records search services, and more.

People Search

Find out what your former colleague is up to. Enter the name and use the people search feature to pull information from billions of public records.

Address Search

Moving out from your parent’s home soon? Check how safe your new neighborhood will be and get information about your neighbors using the address search.

Background Check

Meeting new people while traveling is great. But can they be trusted? Run a background check to get criminal history, past and current addresses, aliases, and more.

Criminal Records

No matter how long you know your friends, some events in their lives may have been kept secret. Check if they’ve been involved in any crime before by accessing criminal records.

Public Records

Before you say “yes” to a blind date, find out if the person is married by searching through billions of public records. Stay out of trouble and date with confidence.

Email Lookup

Are you getting emails about an investment scheme or offers that are too good to be true? These are probably scams. Use the email lookup to get more information about the sender.

Reverse Phone

Is the phone number you’ve saved for someone still active and working? Use the reverse phone lookup to confirm if the phone number is current and active.


  • 3-day trial – $2.95
  • PeopleFinders membership- $24.95/month (unlimited search and reports)
  • PeopleFinders premium membership – $29.95 (unlimited search and reports + more detailed info)

Background Check & Identity Protection

PeopleFinders is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of its users. It uses encryption with secure socket layer technology (SSL) for any sensitive information submitted through the site, such as credit or debit card details.

If you need to cancel your subscription or have questions about your account, you can call customer support using (800) 718-8997 from 7 AM to 6 PM PST Monday to Friday and 7 AM to 3: 30 PM PST during weekends.

It also has a ‘Contact Us’ page for people who prefer to use email for communication and a Help Center page that answers frequently asked questions.

Strengths and Weaknesses | The Verdict

PeopleFinders proves easy to use and generates a comprehensive report. It has made it to our list of the best online criminal background check sites because of its multiple features, various search parameters, an app for mobile users, and most importantly, it doesn’t require a membership to use it.

The only drawback is that it doesn’t include social media accounts search. But overall, it’s a site that has a long-standing experience. That said, it’s legit, reliable, and a great source of information except for social media data.

Essential Features
  • Deep Web scan
  • Reverse license plate search
  • Affordable 5-day trial
  • Detailed reports

Additional Features
  • Multiple search parameters
  • Easy to use
  • Up-to-date databases

It leverages more than 3,500  federal, state, and municipal sources to assemble a neat and comprehensive report.

It pulls out data from these sources so users can get information on criminal records, arrests and warrants, felony records, parole or probation details, and more.

Several reviews claim that it’s the best online website for criminal and civil background check.

Deep Web Scan

Want to know if your husband has hidden social media accounts and is using them for online dating? Use the Deep Web scan to find out.

Asset Search

Curious about how rich someone is and what physical assets they have? The asset search tool can reveal investment records, property ownership, and more.

Reverse License Plate Search

Don’t recognize a car parked in your neighborhood? It could be a stolen car. Get the available public contact details of the owner by using the plate number to search.

VIN Records Search

Want to buy a used car as a graduation gift to your son? Make sure to check the vehicle’s history first and get information on salvage or sale records to vehicle specifications.

Reverse Address Lookup

Want to know who resides at a specific address? If you run an instant reverse address report, you’ll find out their name, education, and other essential facts.


  • 5-day trial – $2.95
  • One-time report – $19.95
  • 1-month premium membership – $19.95 (access to all reports)

Background Check & Identity Protection

InfoTracer collects user data, such as personal information and search history, to register an account for you and improve the user experience.

All personal information is stored on InfoTracer’s systems for future use. However, the site ensures that it has physical, managerial, and electronic mechanisms, such as SSL protocols, to maintain the security of the site.

It stores information for as long as it’s reasonably or legally required.

People who need to speak with a customer care representative can call the toll-free number (800) 791-1427 at any time.

Users can also contact InfoTracer via this email [email protected]. Another method of getting help is using the ‘Contact Us’ page on its site.

Strengths and Weaknesses | The Verdict

InfoTracer has been providing users with access to two billion public records since 2003. Given that it’s been doing so for the past 17 years, we can say it’s a legitimate company. Customers seem to agreethe majority of the reviews offer a positive feedback.

That adds up to its reliability as a company. You can run a free search using the site. However, the information it will return is very basic. If you need to perform a deep web search, you’ll have to pay for the membership.

The site lacks a mobile app, so there’s a limitation in use. If you only want to get a single report, you’ll pay $19.95, the same amount as the one month plan. Nevertheless, it’s a great site with numerous search options and responsive customer support that’s available 24/7.

Essential Features
  • Round the clock customer service
  • Public record search
  • Broad database network

Additional Features
  • Social media search

PeopleWhiz has made it to the list of the best online background personal check sites because of its 67 billion searchable public records—one of the largest in the world.

Users can search for contact info, criminal records, background checks, and other essential information in only a few minutes with its vast database.

People Search

Get information on a relative, friend, or even yourself. Run a self-check to find out what information the public record database has of you in just a few clicks.

Criminal Records

Many criminals can pull off an innocent look and deceive anyone. If you feel suspicious of someone, like a new acquaintance or a friend, it’s safe to run a criminal record search.

Social Media Search

Want to know all the active and secret social media accounts of your favorite A-list Hollywood stars? Use the social media search.

24/7 Customer Service

Get answers to your billing and account questions without waiting. Connect with customer support anytime you want.


  • 1-month plan – $27.99 (unlimited searches)
  • 3-month plan – $22.95/month (unlimited searches)
  • 6-month plan – $14.95/month (unlimited searches)

Background Check & Identity Protection

PeopleWhiz maintains its users’ identities privately. Any type of information shared is used to manage communication and relationship with the site, like using email to send account updates.

The site uses encryption to protect information and ensure that whoever uses the service remains anonymous.

You don’t have to worry about being found if you use it to run a background check on someone. PeopleWhiz guarantees that no third-party app or entity can get access to the site.

Users will never have to wait for Monday or the next business day to resolve their issues because customer support is open 24/7. Anytime you have a question or want a problem resolved immediately, you can call them at (833) 276-9449.

You can also email the team using [email protected] and get answers within 24 hours.

Strengths and Weaknesses | The Verdict​

PeopleWhiz allows users to run a background check on anyone. Its criminal records search feature is handy as it can easily find out if an individual has committed burglary, murder, rape, and other illegal activities.

It might be for this reason that many users claim it to be the best background check for dating, or in other words, for checking up potential relationships.

It’s a new company, so you may find limited PeopleWhiz reviews on the internet. However, it’s a legit site and rated A+ by BBB. It has useful features, and its 67 billion public files can provide users the best information on just about anyone.

Buyer’s Guide | How to Select the Best Background Check Site?

There are hundreds of background check organizations online, and finding the best isn’t an easy task.It takes extensive scouring of the internet and spending umpteen hours on research.

It all comes down to identifying what information you need and assessing whether the background check site you like has that one feature that will give you the required information.With these background check organizations, anyone can conduct research of their own.

Here’s a quick buyer’s guide to help you choose a background check service that fits your needs.

Types of Searches You’d Like to Go Through

Typically, people would go for the best free online background check site first. After all, it costs nothing.But remember, the type of searches you can perform from a free site is limited. Moreover, you can only get the basic information at most.

If you need to perform an advanced search about a person and get information like property records, address, email, or phone, you need a premium account.With a paid plan, you have more search options and get access to all features.

Correctness on Background Checking

Since you’ll be pulling out information from public records, which can span several years back, some data may be outdated and inaccurate.Therefore, only choose a site that updates its database often. How do you verify the correctness of the information?

If the site offers a free background search, you may perform a self-check to discern if the basic information it assembles is accurate, like phone and address. If it is, then the database is up-to-date.

People use these services because they need straight facts about someone. Regardless of whether a background check site is free or not, giving accurate information is the nature of the business.

Check Out Its Customer Support and Delivery Time

The best online background check service companies care for their clients. They show it by extending efforts to make sure clients’ questions are answered and all issues are resolved promptly.

In most cases, a site with the best background check online reviews and testimonials also has the most helpful customer support team. That’s because users typically love to leave feedback about their experience with customer support in handling issues.

But it’s also better if you can try the efficiency of customer support yourself. You can send an inquiry through email or call phone support to check how responsive customer support is.

The lowest offer isn’t always the best option, so take your time to compare prices just like when you go shopping. Find the best option that both meets your price range and needs.

If you only need a single report, you may be able to use the trial option to get it for less than $5. However, if you need multiple reports regularly, you may also need to have a proper budget because the background check cost can be high, especially for recurring subscriptions.

We suggest to always check with customer support for options as some sites have flexible pricing.

The best online background check services are worth every dollar the user spends. Note that while membership plans are not exactly cheap, they are usually worth the money, considering the quality of their services.

Best Online Background Check | The Takeaway​

Finding the best online background check websites isn’t an easy task. While the internet is one of the most useful tools of modern society, it’s also filled with inaccurate data.

Our aim with this list was to document and disclose all the information available online, so our readers can make an informed decision when choosing the best online background check company.

Depending on your specific needs, one of the listed services will surely be a match for you.

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ​

Any of the websites we have listed could serve you well, so it’s important to regard all the features to determine which one addresses your needs in the most specific way.

They have most of the essential features that a background site should have. These companies are reliable, have good ratings, provide accurate information, and have appeared on trusted publications like Bustle, Yahoo, and HuffPost.

The cost of a background check varies for each site. You can run a standard background check for free, but free services only give you basic information. 

If you want to run a background check and get a detailed report that includes as much information as possible, you need to sign up for a premium account that may cost you at least $20. 

To get a legitimate background check, verify if the company exists. Do so by checking if it has a business website, social media pages, contact information, and affiliations with other known and trusted business names. 

Besides, check for online reviews from ConsumerAffairs or TrustPilot. Lastly, confirm if the company has any associations and accreditations, like a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. 

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